ZK Handmade Jewellery of Gotta is a premium jewellery brand for girls which are offering handmade jewellery and other accessories for girls since 2016. They are selling very attractive and beautiful handmade jewellery made of gotta at very reasonable and affordable price for traditional events, evening parties, dinners, get to gathers, college or university event, wedding, mehndi and family functions. The jewellery brand has launched on 25 February 2016 which is perfect for traditional events. The finishing of Jewellery is charming and perfect, they have multi colors jewellery, and now you can match with your multicolor dresses.

Product Line of ZK Jewellery

This handmade jewellery is perfect for bridals, and now they can wear for their special events with confidence to enhance their beauty more precisely. The product lines of ZK Jewellery are as followed;

- Handmade Jewellery

- Gotta Jewellery

- Mehndi Jewellery

- Mayon Jewellery

- Wedding Jewellery

- Bridal Jewellery

The entire products of ZK offer the attractive piece of jewellery which is comfortable and matchable with every dress. If we take a look the prices of this gorgeous handmade jewellery, then the price is quite low with compare to styles, designs and products. Women have adorned themselves with jewellery since long before the age of reason, Garlands of flowers, bracelets of gotta, kinara, stone, and with much other fashion wear jewellery products. ZK handmade jewellery is very famous due to its high quality, and as they are light weight and comfortable to wear. Some style is available in gotta, and some have stones with colorful features. Our affordable jewellery range from classic to trendy, they have the quality of products and jewellery styles for every age.

The ring prices start with rupees 300 only, and the price varies according to styles and designs of products. ZK bracelet collection comes in many different styles and embellishing colors which help its wearer to develop a style statement. Pile them together and revamp your wardrobes to enhance the beauty of your wardrobes and as well you! Enjoy those lighter evenings, warmer days and the re-birth of all those pretty summertime flowers with our ZK handmade collection of jewellery, the perfect complement to every season and event.