Are you looking for halal sanity-meat to eat doubtlessly? So Zenith is the name of renowned meat brand preferred by Pakistanis throughout the country. Exporting the meat to the countries accepting only certified products is an evidence of their matchless quality. Today, Zenith enjoys the high level of respect due to the selling of meat with such standard. They are on the top of the list exporting the halal meat to foreign countries. Iran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Armenia, African Countries, CIS are some countries trust Zenith. HACCP for setting the food quality standard is known globally and have appreciatively approved the Zenith meat. The  Zenith Outlets spread all over Pakistan provides the fresh and hygienic meat to the local people as well. Zenith keeps the standard as good as import quality when selling at the local level.

The design of zenith abattoir separates the slaughtering and meat processing portion of large and small animals. The large animal includes cattle whereas the sheep and goat come in the category of small animals. So the system preserves the mixing of small animal meat to the large. The slaughtering of the healthy animals undergoes the finest and latest method as per the law of sharia. The state of the art machinery provided in the slaughterhouse process the meat cutting and packing efficiently. And saves the time for increasing the production.

The meat products of the Zenith in Pakistan and Globally consist of selected and healthy animals such as  Beef, Camel, Goat, and Chicken. The price list of Zenith meat product ensures the one market price throughout the branches in Pakistan. The Zenith has the long range of ready to cook meat that is packed hygienically. The packing of the meat has the description describing whether the meat belongs to Rib, Chuck, round, brisket, shank or any other part of the animal body. So, selecting the meat from the long range of Zenith products eliminates the risk of consuming unhealthy meat.

In Pakistan, Many butcher shops are selling the uncertified product regardless of following the Food safety guidelines. But purchasing from the zenith outlets anywhere in Pakistan deliver freshly edible meat. They sell the fresh meat to deliver full nutrition. Although, the price of the zenith meat and products is little high compared to the common meat shops. But compromising on health is worse than saving few rupees. Unfortunately, Some atrocious meat seller deceives by selling the haram meats. And this condition has distressed the Pakistani’s. So, to avoid becoming a victim of such betrayal always trust in buying from Zenith Brand.

Our website has now started the online sale of Zenith meat product at the reasonable price in Pakistan. After cooked, the zenith frozen chicken, mutton, and beef pieces taste amazing. To get the home delivery of zenith products through online shopping only call us at the given number.