Sitara Textiles Industries Limited is the leading yet the most renowned fashion clothing brand among the fashion-oriented clothing brands in Pakistan. The brand came into existence in 1956 and started to deliver its tremendous and superlative services to the fashion wear clients of Pakistan. Sooner, it developed utmost enterprises of Pakistan by catering the customers with high quality of products, exquisite varieties of designs and vibrant colors.

Later on, Sitara Textiles is offering its marvellous services of clothing to worldwide through retail outlets and online shopping stores. Sitara Studio is the flagship brand of Sitara Textiles that offers the premium quality of products with HD quality at affordable prices. It offers the extensive ranges of clothing, not just Women but also offers the clothing for Men, Kids and Home Textiles.

Sitara Textiles Clothing Series

As mentioned above, at Sitara Textiles, there are multiple ranges of clothing for Men | Women | Kids & Home Textiles. Let’s have a look at the different varieties of clothing and products by Sitara Studio Style Clothing Pakistan.

Sitara Women Clothing

The first section is for women who always desire to look beautiful, adorable and stylish at every ambience and moment of life. At Sitara Women Attire’s section, the top of the list subcategory is Lawn 2018 that offers the new designs and styles of summer 2018. In this section, the ready to wear embroidered kurtis and unstitched 2,3 & 4 pieces styles are showcasing with premium designs.

Furthermore, the Pret Collection, Unstitched Classics and Unstitched Embroidered Sections are available. The pret section has all the latest pret designs. Unstitched Classics’ section has 1 piece, 2, 3 & 4 pieces unstitched products. In Unstitched Embroidered, 4 pieces of embroidered designs are showcasing at best price in Pakistan.

Sitara Men Clothing

The priority of Sitara Studio is to cater the all customers so, it also focuses on the men collections. In Men section, there are two subcategories or designer ranges such as Stitched and Unstitched. In the Stitched section, ready to wear kurtas, Shalwar kameez and embroidered kurtas are showcasing. In the Unstitched section, the seasonal fabrics are showcasing including kurtas and Shalwar Kameez.

Sitara Kids Clothing

At kids wardrobes, the ready to wear two pieces suits are showcasing latest designs, embellish colors and chic styles. All you need to grab it and wear it.

Sitara Home Textiles

Home Textiles is the most renowned ranges by Sitara Textiles and delivers the extensive ranges of home at the best price in Pakistan. The section unveils the wide array of designs such as Bed Sets, Bed Sets with Comforters, Quilts, Kids Bedding, Cushions, Towels and Filled Pillow.

At Sitara Textiles Pakistan, there are extensive varieties of clothing, fabrics and designs for complete family and all you need is to visit Sitara Retail Outlets or log into Online Shopping Store and grab your favorite designs. Moreover,, an online shopping store becomes the official sale partner with Sitara Textiles Pakistan. The entire varieties of clothing are showcasing at at best prices, high quality and superlative designs. Visit the online shopping store and grab the designs that you love to wear!

Sitara Textiles Latest Collection