Refund Policy

If the product we received back from you, will inspect and if we found it eligible to refund, then an email will send to your given account with the detail of choosing the suitable method of refund or exchange the product. There are certain methods to refund your money such as Refund Voucher, Debit/Credit Card, Mobile Account and Back Deposit.

- If ones can choose the method to refund money via Voucher, then voucher will send to you given email from that you can use in future for shopping.

- Another method is Debit/Credit Card in which the amount will refund to your account, and an email will send to your given Email ID to concern with your bank.

- Another best way to refund your money is Mobile Account. After sending the refunded amount into your mobile account, the statement of refunded money will directly send to your number or an email ID.

- One more way you can select is Bank Deposit. The amount will transfer to your given account number but ensure your given account must be active and have some balance on it.