Ray Ban - a leading and renowned sunglasses and eyeglasses brand which started its glasses journey in 1937. The brand founded by the American Company Bausch & Lomb. The brand is famous for its newest designs, stylish collections and embellishing color contrast which gives the best look to its wear. Ray-Ban is one of the top demanding and selling eyewear brand in the world as well Pakistan. It has the vast collections of Sunglasses such as Aviator, Wayfarer, Club Master, Round, Justin and Erika are the sub brands of Ray-Ban. Furthermore, Ray-Ban offers the complete range of Sunglasses, Eyes Glasses/Optics, Lenses and also provides the services of "The Lab." The complete collections and services by Ran-Ban are as followed.


Ray-Ban has the impressive range of sunglasses in its wardrobes, and the most popular styles are Aviator, Wayfarer, Club Master, Round, Justin and Erika. These are the names of famous styles and designs. The Aviator section has more designs in its category such as Aviator Large Metal, Large Metal II, Small Metal, Folding, Full Color, Carbon Fiber and Craft. Wayfarer is the stylish range of Ray Ban which is also known as Unmistakable in style and designs. It has the beautiful color contrast of shades such as Red, Black, Brown and Denim Blue.

The materials used in the frame are Plastic, Denim and Leather. The most featured in the section of Wayfarer are Junior Wayfarer, Folding, Original, Wayfared Denim, Wayfarer Leather and Original Wayfarer Distressed. The next category of Sunglasses is Club Master, and this section has the exclusive designs and much popular among youngster in all over the world. The materials used in these frames are Combination of different materials, Metal and Plastic. The tops of the list designs are Club Master Oversized Classic, Aluminum, Folding, Flash Lenses, Fleck, Wood and Club Master Lightry. The vibrant colors are Black, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Grey, Green, Violet, Red and Orange.

The nest style of Ray-Ban Sunglasses is Round. This style is much familiar because of its shape and style. The Round Sunglasses are made by Metal and Plastic with embellishing color range such as Grey, Black, Green, Blue, Pink and Orange. The styles are Round Metal Flash Lenses, Round Folding, Round Lightry, Round II Lightry and Round Metal. Justin is another familiar brand style of Ray-Ban which offers the newest and coolest style with vibrant colors of shades. The technology used in Justin Sunglasses is Gradient, and Frame Material is Plastic. The featured frame colors are Rubber Black, Rubber Light Havana, Grey, Brown on Grey and Black. The Lens colors are Grey Silver Mirror, Green Mirror Blue, Brown Gradient, Poly Grey Silver Mirror and Poly Brown Gradient.

One of the famous brands of Ray-Ban are Erika with the must have retro style. The technology used in Erika Sunglasses is Polycarbonate, Polarized and Gradient. The frame is the combination of plastic and metal. The colors of Erika Sunglasses frames are Havana, Rubber Havana, Dark Rubber Sand & Silver, Rubber Blue & Gun Metal and Black.


In Optics Ray-Ban section, the entire collections are eyeglasses with the beautiful designs, color contrast and styles for him & her. In Optics section, the first collection is The Club Master. The color of Club Master Frames is Black, Red Havana, Dark Havana, Matte Black, Brown Havana and Black on Texture Camouflage. The next collection is The Timeless, and the quote which is famous for this collection is; the design of this collection is versatile and timeless which you can wear at any age. The frame material is plastic and featured colors are Black, Dark Havana, Brown, Black Texture, White Texture, Black with Red Texture, Avana and Beige Texture. The next section of eyeglasses has The New Wayfarer with plastic material. In Round Eyeglasses, the styles are Round Icon, and Round Metal Classic with Plastic Frame and the only color is Brown Havana.  The next section has the eyeglasses for her, and the frame colors are Avana Transparent and Black Transparent. The last section of eyeglasses is Carbon Fiber, and the glasses which include in this section have carbon material.


Ray-Ban has the widest ranges of Lenses in its wardrobes. The Lens wardrobes divide into two parts which are Lens Category and Lens Ranges. In Lens Category, four types of lenses are offering in this section such as Classic, Gradient, Special and Polarized.

Classic Lenses

The first type of lens is Classic which is available in two different colors; Green and Brown. The abilities of Green Classic Lens are, it observes the 85% of visible lights and also blocks most of the blue lights. Classic Green Lens assures to give the better clarity of vision and remarkable color contrast. The second type of lens is Classic Brown Lens. This Brown lens can provide the greatest contrast in low lights and give the more power to its wearer to see more clearly when the other may lose their way.

Gradient Lenses

The Gradient has two types of lenses such as Crystal and Plastic. The crystal lenses are tinted on the backside which uses the high vacuum processes. Crystal Lens allows the adhesion of thin layer on the lens to achieve the smooth color transition. The next type of Gradient lens is Plastic which has the ability to shading from dark to light and gives the best contrast in high as well low lights.

Special Lenses

The next section of lenses is Special which has two types such as Mirror Special Lens and Legends Special Lens. Mirror Lenses have the perfect uniform layer which helps to reduce the glare and gives a perfect look in the daylight as well night. The next type of Special Lenses is Legends. It is the limited edition with special abilities. It has the high quality of crystal and protects its wearer from UV rays. It also offers the better image clarity and remarkable color contrast.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized Lenses are specially designed to give the best reflection to your eyes. Polarized Lenses eliminates glares, enhances the color contrast, reduce eye strain and increase the visual clarity. It also reduces the shiny surfaces such as chrome and large bodies of water.

These are the complete types of lenses which are offering at Ray-Ban stores and online shop. Ray-Ban also provides the Lab services in which different frames and lens performances are discussed with the leveraging. At Ray-Ban, different frames are offering such as Memo-Ray, Carbon Fiber, Light Ray, Lite Force and Titanium. In the Lab, the lens performance is also provided as per the requirements such as the lens with Clarity & Comfort, Eye Protection, Durability and Polarized Technology.