Rang Rasiya is a fashion iconic and most desiring brand in Pakistan that caters the need for modern and stylish yet cultural women. The brand’s history is uncovering that how a man is taking off its family business and how creatively he changes in its varieties of clothing as per the demand of customers and clothing industry. Rangrasiya clothing Pakistan name emerged on the surface of Pakistan in 1974 by Haji Ghulam Rasool, the founder of the most exquisite women clothing brand. The initiative was taken and Haji Ghulam Rasool formed a hand printing clothing mill at domestic level.

With the change in time and technology, the era of handmade printing come back again but in the shape of the latest technology that includes flatbed and rotary printing. The innovations in fashion and textile industry were growing rapidly that the United Textile was unable to cope the latest fashion and demand trends. Hence, Adeel Khalid the grandson of Haji Ghulam Rasool had the interest in fashion designing. In 2008, he completed its Textile Technology Degree from North Carolina, United States and came back to Pakistan to fill the technical gap between its family textile business and fashion requisite.

Adeel Khalid, the grandson took over the ancestors’ business and formed its own firm “Standard Textile Mills” in 2011. The guidance and experience of Ancestors of Adeel Khalid and his interest in this field motivated him to innovate something different and something new for the valuable customers of Pakistan. This is the history that how Rang Rasiya by Adeel Khalid was formed. The motive of the brand is to deliver the most exquisite and designer collections to the customers that make them satisfy, comfortable and value their money. In wardrobes of Rang Rasiya, the unstitched and stitched varieties of suits are showcasing with embellishing and attractive designs and styles.

Rang Rasiya is fast growing clothing brand and catering the customers via retail outlets in different cities of Pakistan. The cities where the retail shops are not opened yet, the official website/online shopping store is providing the shopping service to those cities with home delivery as well. Furthermore, social media such as Facebook and Instagram are also using to meet the demands of clients. Let’s have a look at the embellishing and eye-catching designer collection by Rang Rasiya clothing.

Rang Rasiya Carnation

The brand unveils the products’ designs that are demanding and most anticipating by the customers. Carnation Collection is one of them. It has three pieces unstitched suits with blending fabrics and blending designs including printed and embroidered. The suits are three pieces and come along with “Printed Shirt Font and Back with Embroidery, Printed Sleeves, Printed Trouser, Embroidered Net Dupatta, Embroidered Border Lace and Pearls Pouch.” The prices start from Rs. 5995/- each suit. The featured products of Carnation Collection are “Porcelain Dream, French Bouquet, Romanesque, Rococo Luxe, Cherry Rose, Botanical Cornfield, Mughal Miniture, Moon Beams, Enchanted Rose and Oriental Blossom.”

Rang Rasiya Winter Shawl

Winter Shawl collection is the most exquisite and anticipating collection of the winter because of its blending fabrics, designs, stylish cuts and handmade embroidery and printing. The collection has three pieces unstitched suits with the product description of “digital printed front and back shirt with fully embroidered, woollen shawl printed, dyed trouser and embroidered necklace.” The demands of winter shawl collection 2017 are dynamically increasing because of its stuff and wool shawl that keeps you warm in cozy day and night yet chic stylish as well. The price starts from 5495/- PKR and goes on 5,995/- PKR.

Rang Rasiya Zinnia Linen

Zinnia Linen is the three pieces unstitched suits that come with varieties of designs, color contrast and fabric that cater you with best and designs of suits will enhance your appearance at any ambience and functions. The fabrics of suits are blending with embroidered and printed work on the shirt. The description of three pieces unstitched Zinnia Linen is included “Embroidered Front Shirt and Printed Back Shirt, Printed Sleeves, Dyed Trouser, Bamber Chiffon Dupatta and Embroidered Lace.” The varieties of colors are eye-catching and attractive such as black, blue, pink, green, white, beige, sky blue, orange, dark blue and much more.