We all love to wear the sunglasses, some of us wear to protect our eyes from harmful rays and dust but some it as a fashion and lifestyle because they love to wear. Police is a leading and oldest sunglasses brand which you already know well. But, either you know the history or the other products of these brands? Police is an Italian Fashion Accessories Brand which launched by the De Rigo Brothers in 1983. De Rigo Brother introduced the many fashions, accessories and styles brands such as Charme Lunettes, Lozza, Rolling, SUN-DAY, Police Fragrances, General Optica and Sting are some of them. Moreover, Police Lifestyle launched the first perfume range in 1997, First Watch Collection in 2003 and Apparels Collection in 2008. Now, it becomes the complete fashion and accessories brand with the most viewership and loyal customers in the world. At every outlet and online shop of Police, you will find these sections of products with the widest range of styles, designs and colour contrast. The sections are Glasses, Sunglasses, Leather Goods, Watches, Jewellery and Fragrances. The sections of Police products further divided into categories according to gender, age, type and material.


The first one section is Glasses which has subsection according to gender (Junior, Men & Women), Frame Type and Frame Material. Let's start with the Tipology in which there are four further sections like New Products, Elastic Memory, Lightness and All Products. In New Products, the newest styles of summer are showcasing. In Elastic Memory, the products which have elasticity in it and these frames of Police called Invisible Collection, and the products are available according to styles which start from Invisible 1 to 5. In Lightness section, the glasses have zero weight, and the wearer faces no problem as these are light weighted and easy to use. The featured products are perception (1, 2, 5 & 6), Invisible (3, 4 & 5), Sharp Look (4 &5) and Score (1, 2 & 3). In Junior category, the featured designs are Black Bird, Gamble, Jungle Junior, Solid, Cross, Stunt, Crane, Robin, Trick, Reef, Speed and Spike. In Man Glasses collection, the featured products are Brooklyn, Speed, Jungle, Black Bird Light, Halo, Mettle, Stunt, Dreamy, Rangy, Linear, Skill Up, Perception, Kick OFF, OFF Side, Victory, Close Up, Crane, Edge, Track, Orbit and Storm. In Women Glasses section, the new styles and designs are Sparkle, Savage, Perception, Nadine, Golden Eye, Triumph, Vortex, Veneration, Fluid and Feather. In Glasses' section, there are three categories of Frame according to material such as Metal, Metal & Plastic and Plastic.


Police have the significant collections of Sunglasses with the widest range and styles. In Sunglasses, there are many sections according to types of products, gender, frame type, frame and lenses. The first section is Tipology in which the further sections are New Products, Polarised, Duo Lense and All Products. The entire new products are displayed in the new product's section, and the products are Speed Junior, Black Bird Junior, Brooklyn, Two Souls, Idol, Block, Wonder and Golden Eye. In the Polarised section, the newest designs of shades are; framed are showcasing like Black Bird, Black Bird Light, Court, Flow, Off Stage and Game. The next section is Duo Lenses which have the dual lenses glasses in it. The featured frames are Speed, Court, Neymar Junior, Game 6 Duo Lenses, Game 7 Duo Lenses, Rival Duo Lenses and Hot Duo Lenses. In Police Junior Sunglasses section, the collections are Game, Bruce, Spike, Clark, Exchange, Speed and Black Bird. The featured designs of Man's collections are Black Birds, Flow, Highway Zero, Brooklyn, Court, Halo, Jungle, Rival, Off Side, Impact, Myth, Brazen, Stripe, Wager, Defense, Outline and Look Back. In the women category, the featured designs are Savage, Golden Eye, Sparkle, Impact, Rival, Neymar, Superior, Glory and Wonder. Moreover, There are beautiful ranges of frames such as Cat Eye, Pilot, Round and Squared. The Shades of lenses are Blue, Grey, Green, Orange, Brown, Yellow, Red, Violet and Gold. In all these shades, you can get your desired Police Sunglasses.

Leather Good

The next main category is Leather Good which is having the complete ranges of leather such as Pyramid Reloaded, Tolerance, Camou Pack-up, X-Wing Coin Wallet, Feidal Slim Wallet and Droid North Wallets. These are the featured types of leather goods, and the products are also divided according to Gender such as Men | Women & Kids. The kinds of products of are Bags, Belts and Wallets. The Material used in leather goods are ECO-Leather, Fabrics, Fabrics-Leather, Leather and Leatherette.


Police Lifestyle brand also offers the widest range of Watches, and the top of them are Adder, D-Joy, League, Rattle Snake, Taipan and Jet. The further categories are showcasing according to Men & Women. Ones can also buy your desired Police watches with your desired material, and the material used in watches are Leather, Rubber, Denim and Stainless Steel. The featured collections of Watches are Bushmaster, Hellcat, Vantage, Aurora, G-Force, Predator, Scorpion, Cyclone, Esquire, Dallas, Grid, Vinyl, Mystery and Fighter. Furthermore are Skyline, Governor, Mephisto, Mesh Up, Navy, Ranger, Belmont, Toronto, Taipan, Splinter and Steam punk.


The products of Police brand has class in its, and another most featured category is Jewellery with beautiful ranges of collections, styles and designs. In Jewellery section, the top of the category products are Acid, Beat, Celtic, Grinder, Megalodon and Twin Row. You can also find out the products according to gender. The types of jewellery products are Bracelets, Necklace and Key rings. The Materials used in Jewellery are Stainless Steel, Leather and Stone.


Police have the most demanding and popular collections of fragrances in its wardrobes. It offers the Fragrances to Men and Women. The featured of them are Forbidden for Man, Forbidden for Woman, Legend, To Be or No to Be, To Be Rebel and To Be Rose Blossom. Ones can also shop according to Line such as Contemporary, Legend, Icon, The Sinner and To Be. It also offers the Fragrance according to the capacity of bottles such as 30-40 ML, 50-75 ML and 100-125 ML. The featured Fragrances in Woman's sections are "To Be Rose Blossom, Patchouli, Day Dream, Forbidden for Woman, To Be Woman, To Be The Queen, The Sinner for Woman, Dark Woman, Passion Woman, Exotic Woman and Legend For Her. The Man's Fragrances are To Be Rebel, Icon Gold, Independent, Forbidden for Man, To Be Camouflage, To Be or Not To Be, To Be The Illusionist, To Be The Kings, The Sinner for Man, Original, Icon, Cosmopolitan, Royal Black, Imperial Patchouli and Legend for Him. These are the complete collections of Police Fragrances.