We all love to wear the sunglasses, some of us wear to protect our eyes from harmful rays and dust but some it as a fashion and lifestyle because they love to wear. Police is a leading and oldest sunglasses brand which you already know well. But, either you know the history or the other products of these brands? Police is an Italian Fashion Accessories Brand which launched by the De Rigo Brothers in 1983. De Rigo Brother introduced the many fashions, accessories and styles brands such as Charme Lunettes, Lozza, Rolling, SUN-DAY, Police Fragrances, General Optica and Sting are some of them. Moreover, Police Lifestyle launched the first perfume range in 1997, First Watch Collection in 2003 and Apparels Collection in 2008. Now, it becomes the complete fashion and accessories brand with the most viewership and loyal customers in the world. At every outlet and online shop of Police, you will find these sections of products with the widest range of styles, designs and colour contrast. The sections are Glasses, Sunglasses, Leather Goods, Watches, Jewellery and Fragrances. The sections of Police products further divided into categories according to gender, age, type and material.