Pears – the oldest, purest and iconic brand that came into existence in 1807 by Sir Andrew Pears who made the perfect transparent pears soap in Soho, London. The method which Andrew Pears used “curious chemical process that separates the impure and noxious substances from the soap.”

Pears Products Online Pakistan

It’s been too long to discover the pears brand and still, it’s on the edge of it and offering the customers its tremendous services. The brand focuses on the face and body care products and didn’t expand its products range but offers the same products with the best quality. Currently, the brand offers “Pure & Gentle Bar Soaps, Pure & Gentle Body Wash and Pure & Gentle Hand Wash.”

Pears Pure & Gentle Bar Soaps

The first section is bar soaps that offer the soap with “Natural Oils, Mint Extract and Lemon Flower Extract.” The soaps are completely transparent and formulated as per the invention of Andrew Pears. It has all the natural ingredients that care for your skin, do moisturize and nourish. The featured benefits of Pears Soap are: it comes with gentle care, moisturize and soften your skin, enriched with glycerin and dermatologist attested.

Pears Shower Gel

Shower Gel by Pears is manufactured to deliver the best gentle care of your body with moisturization and nourishment. It has the heritage of more than 200 years and doing the best care of its customers. The shower gel is 100% soap free, skin pH balanced, Mild & Gentle, dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and non-Comedogenic. In short, it has the best body care for a body that you do for you!

Pear Hand Wash

The best thing about the brand “Pears” it gently cares your skin. The last but not least product by Pears is Hand Wash that is formulated for all types of skin and 100% soap free. The best hand wash gel for your home to do care for your whole family gently.

Aforementioned are the comprehensive products range by Pears; to grab the products at your doorstep, log into online shopping store, an online shopping store and replace your bar soap, shower gel and hand wash with pure and gentle care bar soaps, body wash and hand wash!