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Pampers came into existence when Victor Mills, the researcher of P&G disliked the clothing of its newborn grandchild. Later on, he assigned his researcher of P&G in Miami City. That was the first day when the work was started, and so on, in 1961, the first Pamper (Diaper) introduced. It has many sizes such as Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Pants, Dry Maxi and Care Maxi as well. All the sizes of Pampers have worth according to the demand of parents as well. Pamper Pants is used for almost 7KG to 18KG kids and known as Size 4, Maxi Medium. In one pack of Pamper 32 Pampers (diapers) offer.

Detail Description: Pampers Maxi Size 4 Value Pack

Brand – Pampers

Model – Diapers Maxi

Pamper Size – Maxi 4

Diapers - 32

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