Oral B – is the most recommended brand by dentist around the world that came into existence in 1950. Sooner, the brand Oral B became the requisite and result-oriented brand around the world. The reason behind its popularity is; the products and services, the brand is offering to the global customers. Now, the brand is also offering its tremendous oral care services in Pakistan through retail and online shops. Let us tell you more about the brand; it’s No. 1 toothbrush brand with all the varieties of new technologies and innovation in the field of toothbrushes.

Oral B Products Online Pakistan

In its wardrobes of Oral B Products, it offers the extensive categories of products including; Electric Toothbrushes, Replacement Brush Head, Manual Toothbrushes, Kids, Battery Powered Toothbrushes and Floss.” These are the main categories of products that have the further products with the innovation of new technology in teeth brushes.

Oral Care Electric Toothbrushes

The brand divided the electric brushes into further categories such as “Genius, PRO, Vitality and Kids.” The products that are showcasing in these sections are Oral B Genius 8000, Oral B 7000, 6000, 5000, 1000 and 500 Rechargeable Electric Tooth Brushes. In Vitality, the products are Oral B Vitality Clean Electric Rechargeable Brush and Oral B Vitality Floss Action Brush are showcasing. In Kids, Oral B Pro Health Junior Disney Frozen Vitality Power Toothbrush and Oral B Stages Power Disney Dory Electric Toothbrush is showcasing.

Oral B Replacement Brush Heads

In Replacement Brush Heads, the wide array of brushes are showcasing such as Oral B Sensitive Gum Care Replacement Brush Heads, Oral B Ortho Replacement Brush Heads, Oral B Floss Action Replacement Brush Heads, Deep Sweep Replacement Brush, 3D White Replacement Brush and Oral B Dual Clean Replacement Brush Heads and much more products are showcasing.

Oral B Manual Toothbrushes

In Manual Oral B Toothbrushes, the Pro-Health, 3D White and Complete Collection is showcasing that give you the best oral care all day long. The featured products are Oral B Pro-Health All-in-One Manual Brush, Health Compact Clean Toothbrush, Pro Health Clinical pro-Flex Manual Toothbrush, Oral B Health Manual Toothbrush, Oral B Pro Health Pulsar Toothbrush and Oral B Pro Health Sugar Defense Manual Brush and much more are showcasing.

Oral B Kids

In Kids’ section, the varieties of collections are “Electric Toothbrushes, Battery powered, Manual Toothbrushes and Replacement Brush Heads” are available.

Moreover, Oral B has Battery Powered Toothbrushes and Floss with Pro-Health, 3D White and Complete Care. The entire ranges of Oral B products are showcasing at ShopO.pk, an online shopping store. Log in to online shop and revamp your oral care wardrobes with Oral B at best price in Pakistan. Order your willing products online and get delivery of your Oral B Brushes at your doorstep and enjoy online shopping with ShopO.pk!