Nokia is the oldest, leading and most recognize Multinational Corporation. The vision of Nokia is connecting people with the help of technologies, new innovations and with new methods that enhance the living standards of valuable customers. The brand Nokia history is too old as it came into existence in 1865 in Southwestern Finland. Later on, the second mill of Nokia was formed near the town of Nokia nearby the Nokianvirta River. At the starting, all the revolutions was formed and produced at these two mills.

With the passage of time, Nokia started to introduce the new technology to ease the human’s life throughout networking equipment and cell phones. In 1978, Nokia took an initiative and introduced the Pre-Cellular system for their valued customers to make them more comfortable and reliable on Nokia brand and at the top of all to connect the people. Before this, Nokia had been manufactured the communications technology mobile radio for the military in 1960.

Later on, the brand got involved in the Internet market and started to deliver the first 1G service in 1979 throughout all cellular phones. Then the technology of internet got the speed and then Nokia revealed the 2G (GSM – Global System for Mobile Communications) to make life easier and better.

Nokia is complete communication brand that helps the customers to make the life better, easier and comfortable at every stage of life and at everywhere. In the 1980s, Nokia launched the personal computers named MikroMikko. It was an attempt to the computer market for the businessman to save their worth documents and data. On September 1981, MikroMikko 1 was officially released. During the tenure of 1980 to 2000, Nokia faced the challenges of growth under the CEO of Nokia “Kari Kairamo, “ and Nokia came out to International market of other countries. By expanding the routes to International market, the turnover of Nokia went high than before and the brands focused on the telecommunication technologies and invest more in GSM – internet technologies.

Nokia 2000-2011

The era of 2000-2011, was the best year for Nokia as the most popular products were launched during that tenure. In year 2000, the brand launched its most requisite feature phone Nokia 3310 that is recently re-launched with some modification in year 2017. In 2003, Nokia introduces Nokia 1100 Handset and the demand was dynamically blasted, 200 million units shipped at the same time. It gave the best business to the brand. N-Gage was the mobile phone and game console and used for two different purposes.

In 2008, Nokia revealed the first mobile that recorded the movie and captures the pictures. In 2009, Nokia introduced the Windows Based Notebook that named as Nokia Booklet 3G. in 2011, Nokia launched Symbian phones including Nokia 7650, Nokia N-Gage, Nokia 6600, Nokia 7610, Nokia 6630 (first 3G Nokia Smartphone), Nokia N90, N95, N82 with Xenon Flash, E71, 5800, N97 and so on. The first touch screen phone by Nokia was N97 and then Nokia X6 and Nokia N8 with new Symbian technology and 12MP camera. Nokia 808 broke all the record as it has 41 MP camera later on Symbian replaced with Windows Phone with the collaboration of Microsoft.

Nokia Professional Services

Nokia Pakistan is one of the leading and oldest featured phone brands and has the many authorized retail and online dealers in Pakistan such as Advance Telecom that has the complete range of Nokia Featured and Smartphones with best price in Pakistan. The numbers of stores and many but Nokia has also official website and Nokia distributor Pakistan to meet the demands of customers. Nokia also offers careers opportunity to nation as well to build the better and successful youth.

Let’s have a look at the tremendous professional service by Nokia. The services include “Network planning and optimization, network implementation, care, managed services, global service delivery, service for public safety, 5G service, network modernization, professional service for SDN, gigabit smart build, PSTN smart transform, cloud wise services and services for public safety.

Discover Nokia Featured & Smart Phones

The reasons behind the success and popularity of Nokia are the innovation of featured phones from 2000 to onward. The vision to connect the people and customers from all over the world achieved through phones. Most of the featured phones are mentioned above and some top and newly launched phones are Nokia 3310 3G, 3310 Dual SIM, 150 Dual SIM, 105, 105 Classic, 105 Dual SIM, 230 Dual SIM, 216 Dual SIM, 130 and Nokia 130 Dual SIM.

Nowadays, customers love to buy and use the smartphones with screen touch and fast browsing internet services. To meet the demands of customers, Nokia unveils the Smartphones include Nokia 8, Nokia 6, Nokia 5, Nokia 3 and Nokia 2.

Explore the Nokia Accessories

Nokia has the best accessories that are best suited for featured and smartphones. The extensive ranges of accessories are Nokia Active Wireless Earphones, Headphones, Nokia Active Wired Earphones, Nokia Stereo Earphones. In Protection and personalization section, the products are Leather Flip Case, Slim Crystal Case, Slim Flip Cover, Hybrid Crystal Case, Rugged Impact Case and Carbon Fiber Design Case. In Power section, the power products are USB Standard Wall Charger, Double USB Car Charger, Double USB Quick Charge 3.0 Compatible Car Charger and Micro USB Cable.  

Nokia has the vast retail and online stores network all over the world. To buy Nokia Pakistan, visit any of your nearest Advance Telecom center and shop the best products. Moreover, Nokia social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and email address are easy to contactable.