Lifebuoy – the world’s leading and oldest brand that has the heritage of 50 years. The first lifebuoy soap Royal Disinfectant launched in 1894 in the UK as an affordable soap that fights against the germs and protect the whole family from different diseases. The brand Lifebuoy and Lifebuoy Products are winning the heart of customers around the world and easy o available at Pakistani National and International market.

Lifebuoy Products Online Pakistan

It has the wide array of products list that caters the customers from around the world and fulfil the needs and prevent germs from the body and keep you fit and healthy. In Lifebuoy product’s section, the featured categories are “Body Wash, Hand Wash, Bar Soap, Clini-Care & On-the-go!

Lifebuoy Body Wash

Lifebuoy has the comprehensive range of skincare and body care products. The first section is body wash that contains Activ Naturol Shield, Rich and Creamy foam that fight against the body germs and keep the skin and body fresh, smooth and beautiful. The flavours of Body Washes are “Total 10 Germ Protection Body Wash, Mild Care Body Wash, Cool Fresh Body Wash, Betel Leaf Body Wash, Vital Protect Body Wash, Lemon Fresh Body Wash and Moisture Plus Body Wash.”

Lifebuoy Hand Wash

Lifebuoy is a brand that unveils the broad ranges of products that prevent its clients from harmful bacteria. Now, it unveils the wide varieties of Hand Wash with different flavors. “Cool Fresh Hand Wash, Nature Hand Wash, Kitchen Fresh Hand Wash and Mild Care Hand Wash” are showcasing at hand wash section.

Lifebuoy Bar Soaps

Lifebuoy is the comprehensive brand for the whole family and caters the customers of all ages with its wide array of products’ range. In Lifebuoy Bar Soap, varieties of soaps are showcasing such as “Total 10 Germ Protection Soap Bar, Mild Care Soap Bar, Cool Fresh Soap Bar, Betel Leaf Soap Bar, Vita Protect Soap Bar, Lemon Fresh Soap Bar and Moisture Plus Soap Bar.”

Lifebuoy Clini-Care

The brand not only focuses to sell out the products but, it deals with health, care and protection from germs. Clini-Care products give 10 x better germ protection and 10 x more skin care than other products; as it is clinically tested. Every single product is specially manufactured to care and protect the customers. Lifebuoy Clini-Care section has “Clini-Care 10 Complete, 10 Fresh, Clini-Care Self Foaming Hand Wash Total 10, Clini-Care Self Foaming Hand Wash Fresh, Clini-Care 10 Total 10 Body Wash and Clini-Care 10 Fresh Total 10 Body Wash.

Aforementioned, are the extensive range of Lifebuoy Brand and the entire range is buying around the world and the customers are shifted to the brand because of its healthy benefits and clinically approval. Lifebuoy Body Wash, Hand Wash, Bar Soap and Clini-Care, the whole ranges are showcasing at, an online shopping store and feasts you to come and grab the products that you are looking for. Log in to online shop and order online and get your products at your doorstep without leaving the rest of your home!