Khaadi is one of the leading and oldest clothing brands that is offering its services since 1998. The door of first Khaadi outlet was opened in Zamzama Mall, Karachi, Pakistan. The Sole Director and Founder of Khaadi Clothing Brand Pakistan is Shamoon Sultan who took initiative to start the new fashion clothing brand in Pakistan. In the early days of Khaadi, the brand introduced the kurtas and loose fabric that was specially made by hand-woven fabrics. The meaning of Khaadi is "Hand Woven," and by offering the traditional, ancient craft and hand woven products, Khaadi has stayed true to its name and continuously producing the eastern as well western clothing products.

Brief History - Khaadi Clothing Pakistan

A well-known clothing brand Khaadi Pakistan has the extraordinary success story in the history of Pakistan. Khaadi brand founded by Shamoon Sultan in 1998 and the first outlet opened in Karachi. The first store offers the collection of Kurtas and handmade loose fabric. On the very first day, Khaadi got the good response from the customers and Khaadi first outlet was out of stock in just two weeks only and Khaadi closed its door as unavailability of stock! In first two years, Khaadi expanded its retail stores in different small and big cities of Pakistan and looking forward to opening Khaadi brand in various countries. Now, Khaadi has the outlets in international countries such as United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Mexico, America, Australia, Malaysia and United Kingdom.

Khaadi Clothing Collection [2017]

Khaadi is the family shopping brand as it offers the clothing collection 2017 for the whole family. But, in the early days, Khaadi offered the women stitched and unstitched collection and later on introduced the Khaadi Men's Wear and Khaadi Kids' Wear. Now at every Khaadi retail & online shop, the collections, Khaadi offers are Khaadi Unstitched, Khaadi Pret, Khaadi Khaas, Khaadi Kids, Khaadi Bottoms, Khaadi Accessories and Khaadi Men. All these sections have the new designs and elegant stitching to offer the best look to its wearer at any ambience. Apart from clothing, Khaadi Home Stores offer the home collections such as Duvet Covers, Bed Covers, Bed Sheets, Cushions, Cushions Covers, Wall Clocks, Tableware and much more.

- Khaadi New Arrival 2017

Khaadi Clothing Brand reveals the new stylish and elegant designs of Eid Collection 2017. The exclusive collection offers Khaadi Women Eid Collection 2017, Khaadi Men, Khaadi Kids and Khaadi Accessories. All these collections are included in Khaadi New Arrivals 2017.

- Khaadi Women Unstitched 2017

Khaadi women unstitched section offers the Mid Summer Collection 2017 and Lawn Collection 2017. Khaadi Mid Summer section offers Mid Summer 2 Piece, Mid Summer 3 Piece and Mid Summer Luxury Collections. The featured colors are Ferozi, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Pink, Navy Blue, Sea Green, Teal, Black, White, Yellow and much more. In Khaadi Lawn Collection's section, the new designs of 2 Piece, 2 Piece Collection II and Eid Collection Premium is offering, and two pieces, four pieces, five pieces and kameez collections are showcased.

- Khaadi Pret 2017

Khaadi Pret is the most demanding collection as it offers the wide range of color contrast, beautiful traditional designs and hand-made work. In Pret section, the further collections are Kurta, Kurta Dupatta and Kurta Pajama. The designs of Khaadi pret Collection 2017 are Amalgamation, Banjara, Botanical Paisley, Check Mate, Chinnts Floral, Chunnri Paisley, Chunri Fest, Cutwork Floral, Jamdani, Mary Maco, Moroccan, Needle Point, Swati, Russian Florals, Spice Bazar and much more. The fabrics of the pret collection are Denim, Hand Woven, Lawn and Sateen.

- Khaadi Khaas 2017

Khaadi Khaas is also known as luxurious and embroidered collection that offers the wide range of colors, designs and styles. In Khaas section, the collections are semi-formals and casuals, and designs are embroidered and printed. The fabrics of Khaadi Khaas are Crape Silk, Satin, Silk and Silk Net. The embellishing colors are Sky Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Pink, Grey, Green and Blue.

- Khaadi Bottoms

In Khaadi Bottoms category, the collections of Tights, Pants and Shalwar are offering, and fabrics are Polyester + Spandex, Cotton and Silk. The sub categories of bottoms are Embroidered Shalwar, Pants, Embroidered, Printed, Basic, Churidar, Embellished, Plain and Straight.

- Khaadi Man 2017

Khaadi offers the broad range of men collections such as Short Kurta, Kurta, Kurta Shalwar and Bottoms. The designs of Kurtas are Fitted, Embroidered and Basic and fabrics of suits are Cotton Latha and Hand Woven. The featured colors are Dark Blue, Khaaki, Light Blue, Light Green, Olive, Orange Red, Sky Blue, Teal, Black, White, Turquoise and much more.

- Khaadi Kids 2017

Khaadi kids clothing section is divided into two sections, Khaadi Girls and Khaadi Boys. In Khaadi Girls section, the clothing collections are Kurtas, Kurta Pajama, Blouses, Dresses, Pants, Tights, Formals, Stoles and T-Shirts. In Khaadi Boys section, the clothing designs are Kurtas, Kurta Shalwar, Kurta Pajama, T-Shirts, Pants and Waistcoats.

- Khaadi Accessories

In Khaadi Accessories section, the products line offering by Khaadi are Fragrances, Footwear, Handbags, Jewellery, Scarves and Tank Tops. The subcategories of products are Rings, Sandals, Slides, Wedges, Woven, Printed, Basic, Earrings, Necklaces and Plain. The embellishing colors of Khaadi Products are Gold, Silver, Black, White, Turquoise, Red, Purple, Pink, Orange, Off-white, Blue and Beige.

- Khaadi Gift Cards

Khaadi also gives you a chance to buy a gift card for your beloved ones and offer them a Khaadi Gift Cards. The worth of Khaadi Gift Cards are PKR 1000, PKR 2500, PKR 5000 and PKR 10000.