Infinix Mobiles is one of the leading and well-known smartphone brands but not too old. Infinix started its mobile phones journey in 2013. From the very first day, Infinix has the clear vision to deliver the best technology and featured products to the world, so it started with the Smartphones. Another reason to the fame of Infinix is the sleek design, elegant body and specifications of smartphones which it introduces to the world.

The Android phones company is Hong-Kong based and has the clear image that not to compromise on quality, style and features. It has two research centers; one in the Paris and second in the Shangai. In 2013, Infinix unveiled its SURF series and later on Alpha and Zero Series. Now, in 2017, Infinix is operating four different series which are:

1- Infinix Zero Series

2- Infinix Note Series

3- Infinix Hot Series

4- Infinix S Series

Infinix Mobiles decided to pursue his dream by spreading the roots of its brand. So, the brand expanded its roots into different countries of Asia, and one of them is Pakistan. Infinix made its space into the Pakistani Smartphone Market by delivering the best products at least prices and soon, got the place in the pockets of customers. The prices of Infinix Smartphones Pakistan are varying as per specifications (internal & external hardware). Infinix Smartphones Pakistan acquires great reviews by the clients as they (customers) got extraordinary smartphones at compatible prices.