Huda Beauty is leading and renowned makeup brand around the globe. The brand is owned by a blogger and makeup artist "Huda Kattan." The brand Huda Beauty came into existence in 2010 and soon took a better place in the wardrobes of women.

History of Huda Beauty

As aforementioned, the brand is running under the supervision of Huda Kattan (beauty influencer and blogger). She is professionally trained makeup artist and beauty consultant who got its training from Hollywood. Huda was the student of finance and completed its study according to her parents' wish, but later on, she has the interest in beauty and makeup so, took admission in the world class makeup school in Hollywood. She worked with world class photographers and makeup artist and later on started to write the blog and became video on YouTube to influence the women regarding makeup and leveraging of its.

According to Huda, beauty is not about how much you spend to buy, but how great and self-confident you feel! So, she worked on beauty and offered tips through its tutorials and blogs. In 2010, Huda launched the beauty and makeup brand Huda Beauty in Dubai and started to work on it. She offers the great tips about beauty & health and how to use the makeup products to enhance your outer beauty to keep young, beautiful and confident. Huda Beauty products are well known all over the world as well Pakistan, and Huda Beauty Products in Pakistan can easily find out from departmental & cosmetics stores and Online Stores. The complete range of makeup products, accessories and tools are as followed.

Huda Beauty Makeup & Cosmetics Products

The entire makeup products such as Huda Eye Shadow, Huda Lipstick, Eye Lashes, Lip Contour and in-short, the entire products have great demands. The products are showcasing into sections according to availability and innovations that are explaining below.

Huda Beauty Makeup

Huda Beauty Makeup Products has great worth fashion & cosmetics industry as it offers the long-lasting effects front & behind the screen as well. Huda Makeup & Beauty Section has the great collection of products in this segment such as Eye Shadow Palettes, Highlighter Palettes, Lip Contour, Lip Contour Set, Lip Strobe, Liquid Matte and Liquid Matte Minis.

- Huda Beauty Eye Shadow Palette

Huda Kattan is professional makeup & beauty blogger and shares the content that elaborates the makeup techniques and how to use. So, in its every video tutorial she shares the beauty tricks. In Eye Shadow Makeup, Huda offers Textured Shadows Palette Rose Gold Edition. This edition has all the colors that Huda dreamt about so; she mix up all those eye shadow color is Rose Gold Edition Palette.

- Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palettes

The ultimate glow beauty of Huda is now in every approach because Huda reveals the 3D Highlighter Palettes to make you more glowing and beautiful for every ambience of life. The section has two ultimate products such as 3D Highlighter Gold Sands Palette and 3D Highlighter Pink Sands Palette.

- Huda Beauty Lipstick

Huda Beauty Lipstick is one of the finest and has long lasting effects on your lips. It offers the multiple shades of Lipstick and Lip Contours as well. The different products and sections of Huda Beauty Lips offer Lip Contour, Lip Contour Sets, Lip Strobe, Huda Beauty Liquid Matte and Liquid Matte Minis.

- Huda Beauty Lip Contour

Buy Huda Beauty Lip Contour in Pakistan online as it comes up with different of shades that give you the finest look according to your matching apparels and jewellery. In Lip Contour, the shades are Lip Contour Flirt, Heart Breaker, Material Girl, Medusa, Muse, Spice Girl, Venus, Vixen, Bombshell and Gossip Gurl. Moreover, the further collections are Lip Contour Cheerleader, Trophy Wife, Famous, Trendsetter, Icon and Video Star.

- Huda Beauty Lip Contour Set

Huda Beauty offers the Lip Contour Set in which two best shades are offering to make you beautiful and attractive. In Lip Contour Set, the set of products are Spice Girls & Venus, Trendsetter & Bombshell, Trophy Wife & Muse and Vixen & Famous.

- Huda Beauty Lip Storbe

Huda Beauty Lip Strobe is the finest way to give your lips metallic lip gloss with multiple shades of colors. In Huda Beauty wardrobes, the shades of Lip Strobe are Lip Strobe Angelic, Boujee, Enchanting, Fearless, Foxy, Moody, Mystical, Posh, Ritzy, Shameless, Snobby and Saucey.

- Huda Beauty Liquid Matte

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte is best to deliver the dark matte lips. The further colors of Liquid Matte are Flirt, Heartbreaker, Venus, Spice Girl, Material Girl, Crush, Girlfriend, Muse, Medusa and Famous. All Huda Beauty Lip Liquid Matte available online in Pakistan.

- Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Minis

In Liquid Matte Minis, the products are Liquid Matte Minis Nude, Nude Love, Brown, Pink Edition and Red Edition.

Huda Beauty Lashes

Huda offers the diverse range of Eye Lashes in its wardrobes and online store. In Lashes section, the products are offering via different sections according to styles of lashes like Classic Collection, Eazy Lash, Faux Mink Collection and Mink Collection.

- Huda Classic Lashes Collection

In Classic Lashes section, the complete products & styles are Gisele, Monique, Coco Jo, Candy, Claudia, Samantha, Scarlett, Carmen, Lana and Sasha.

- Huda Eazy Lash

In Eazy Lash, two types of lashes are offering like Eazy Lash Camille and Eazy Lash Harmony.

- Huda Faux Mink Collection

 The products in Huda Faux Mink section are Faux Mink Lash Noelle, Faux Mink Lash Farah and Faux Mink Lash Jade.

- Huda Mink Collection

Mink Section offers six different styles of lashes such as Mink Lash Bridget, Sophia, Raquel, Naomi, Audrey and Marilyn.

Huda Beauty Nails

Huda Kattan Beauty Shop offers the beautiful and stylish stick on nails. The products are Golden Girl, Birthday Suit, Sweet Chic, Posh in Paris, Burlesque Babe, Icon, Rockstar Rich, Lady Luxe, Gold Digger and Prom Queen.

Huda Beauty Tattoo

Huda Kattan reveals the widest range of Tattoos. The Tattoo section has different stylish collections such as Henna Tattoo Marrakesh, Henna Tattoos Sephora, Delhi, Beirut, Istanbul, Dubai and Bombay.