Huawei Technologies Co.Ltd :

Huawei Technologies, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer,  has commenced the career in 1987. A former engineer of People’s Liberation Army utilized the initiative to establish it. The founder and engineer are known as Ren Zhengfei. He joined the Telecommunication industry with long-term planning. Initially, their plan focused on the manufacturing of phone switches. But as their business expanded, the area of their work also grew. They involved the production of telecommunications networks, operational and consulting services and equipment in the strategy. With the passage of time, they progressed continuously in all aspect of telecommunication technology. Today,  As a result, They are from the ranges of world's leading multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company. Overtaking many well-known brands, in 2014, They earned a record profit of 5.5 billion USD.

In Pakistan, Huawei is one of leading provider of latest smartphones. They have settled customer service center in many major cities of  Pakistan.Recently, they get the excellent reward of their effort,  As of becoming the second most significant smartphone maker. From the inceptions of their career, They are working hard to increase their research and development institutes. The company is also known well for its large number of employees in the R & D sector.  Designing an operating system for smartphones futures since 2016, they are firming more to their position globally. Optimistically, the user will experience the Huawei OS soon under their fingers. Huawei, all product range, includes Mobile and fixed broadband networks, consultancy and managed services, multimedia technology, smartphones, tablet computers, dongles.

Aside from their business in Pakistan, Contributing for the sake of education, Huawei is offering internship opportunities for students.Internship enrolled students are learning new engineering techniques and marketing strategies as well. Huawei, on internets world, through Facebook, Instagram, and the official website is taking full advantage of product advertising. As an online dealer of Huawei product in Pakistan, we are also offering running gadgets of the Brand. Let have some short look at important Huawei product as awareness.

Smartphone, PC, Tablet:

Huawei is producing the products under its name. But on another side, Many different brands are selling Huawei products under their name. That all is happening as of many content services are purchasing Huawei white label products. The trust of these content service provider on Huawei shows the incredible quality of the products. Through the scenario, We can guess how big level the company is dealing worldwide as a trusted manufacturer.

Coming back to the topic, Some best of the gadgets are Huawei P10, P10 Plus, Mate 10 and Mate 10 Plus, P9 Lite, Y5, and Y3. The smartphones are on sale with some impressive spec and features such as 4GB RAM, 64 GB Expandable storage Android 8.0 Oreo, 20 and 12 MP dual cameras and so on. On the tablet side, Huawei honor water play LTE, Honor Water Play, MediaPad T3 10, MediaPad M3 Lite 8.0 and  MediaPad M3 Lite 10  are on many online sale pages nowadays.

Smart Home:

Huawei Smart Home arrangement presents a more flexible and creative NetOpen stage given the usual FTTH arrangement. It assembles the stock resources of media transmission bearers and replaces regular home broadband terminals with savvy terminals. Moreover, the Internet administrations of PCs, advanced mobile phones, tablets, and other conventional media transmission gadgets, it additionally coordinates Internet-of-Things gadgets, for example, home security assurance gadgets, and savvy home gadgets and machines into media transmission transporter systems. The technology empowers clients to control the home gadgets and apparatuses from any area.