Two things that we remember all the time and we never forget those things: Food & Drink Water or Beverages! These are the two things we are thinking about every good and bad situation, happy or sad moment because we can’t live without eating or drinking. In Pakistan, the standards of food and beverages are going to high so the different brands are specially focusing on the quality, packaging and standards of products. is an online emerging shopping store that is offering its exceptional online services to customers with high quality of products. Now, it comes up with Food & Beverages Online Shopping in Pakistan and gathers the best brands’ products under one roof and offers you to come and grab the best, branded and high quality of products at best price in Pakistan.

Tea, Coffee & Beverages

The most demanding and requiring food and beverages are Tea, Coffee and other Beverages that used for drinking. The top of the lists brands is Lipton, Tapal Danedaar, Quice, Hemani Herbals, Nestle, Nescafe, Vital, Marhaba, Sunsip, Nauras, Tapal Foods and so on. In Tea, Coffee & Beverages, there are different products are including such as tea, coffee, coffee powder, tea whitener, green team lemon tea, hot & cold coffee ingredients, milk powder and milk modifier, coffee & Espresso and drinking powder and so on.


The food that we can use in our daily routine without cooking them is called as snacks or tea party food. also offers the wide array of snacks’ products. The top of the lists products is dry fruits, nuts, seeds, biscuits, cookies, chips and packaging snacks.

Cooking Essentials

The food is incomplete without cooking essentials like spices, maslas, salt, rice, flour, syrups, sugar, baking supplies, vinegar and so on. These are the top priority of products that you need to cook a delicious and scrumptious food. We gather the best brands’ products at and feasts you to come and have a look at the ranges of cooking essentials of top brands and shop for the yummiest food.

Canned & Packaged Food

At, we also offer the canned and packaged foods that are easy to store, help in travelling and easy to move one destination to another. At’s packaging section, the features products are Sauces, Pickles, Soups, Ready to Cook Meals, Pastas, Noodles, Canned & Jarred Food with best brands around the corner of world.


Ready to eat breakfast means a lot as it takes less time and ready to eat. The top brands’ cereal, oats, spreads, honey and jams are showcasing at best price in Pakistan with best price. The top brands are Young’s Mitchells, Nutella, Post, Sundip, Alishifa Honey, Adam’s, National, Shezan, Nestle, Marhaba, Heinz, Hashmi and so on.

Chocolates & Desserts

The most viewing food category of online shopping store is Chocolates & Desserts where the top brands’ products are available at best price and best quality. The top brands are Cadbury, Mars, Bounty, Candyland, Hersheys, Hilal, Danpak, Ferrero Rocher, Kinder, and Nutella and so on. Dry Chocolates, calories free, brown chocolates and different national and international chocolates are available at!

The above-mentioned products are the comprehensive range of Coffee, Tea & Beverages with diverse varieties of brands, products and quality of food. The entire products are directly bought from official brands’ partner and then showcasing at as our first priority is to cater the customers with best and healthy products. Log into and grab your favorite and desired products and click on the Shop Now and delivers to your doorstep in Pakistan!

  • New
    Saeed Ghani
    PKR 450 In Stock

    100% Natural Pure Manufactured By: Saeed Ghani Country of Origin: Product of PakistanProduct Weight: 250 GramsStorage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool PlacePackage: ...

  • New
    Yum Yum Yummy
    PKR 160 In Stock

    Get the perfect solution for your hunger with our delicious Potato Cheese Rolls and do away your hunger from you with the desi touch of cheese rolls!

    -          12 Potato Cheese Rolls

    -          Filled with Potatoes, Boiled Peas and Other Ingredients

    -          Ready to Eat; Cooked Food

  • New
    Yum Yum Yummy
    PKR 320 In Stock

    Are you feeling hungry? Get your hands on the yummilicious Nuggets of different shapes and give the best break to your hunger.

    -          12 Different Shapes of Nuggets

    -          Crispy & Delicious

    -          Fresh & Hygienic

  • New
    Yum Yum Yummy
    PKR 599 In Stock

    We all love Sweet (Metha) after eating the lunch, dinner or anything else because without sweet dish the food is incomplete so, Yum Yum Yummy unveils the completion of food Gajar ka Halwa to complete your food.

    -          Gajjar Ka Halwa

    -          1 KG Pack of Delicious Gajar Ka Halwa

    -          Desi Ghee

    -          Coated with Badam, Kismissh & Khoya

  • New
    Yum Yum Yummy
    PKR 320 In Stock

    Get the best startup food to stop your hunger with Yum Yum Yummy Chicken Tikka Rolls and give the delicious break to your hunger with mouthwatering Tikka Rolls

    -          12 Chicken Tikka Rolls

    -          Filled With Fry Chicken Tikka

    -          Delicious & Yummiest Chicken Tikka Rolls

  • New
    Yum Yum Yummy
    PKR 300 In Stock

    It’s time to stop the hunger with cooked food that not just give the best full stop to your food but also make your tummy happy. Taste our delicious Chicken Tikka Samosa and give break to your hunger.

    -          12 Chicken Tikka Samosa

    -          Filled With BarBQ Chicken

    -          Fresh, Homemade & Hygiene

  • New
    Yum Yum Yummy
    PKR 300 In Stock

    It’s time to fix the hunger with scrumptious and mouthwatering Chicken Ala Kieve and give the delicious break to your hunger with coated spices and sauces.

    -          12 Yummiest Chicken Ala Kiev

    -          Coated with Dried Parsley, Black Pepper & Garlic

    -          Homemade & Hygienic

  • New
    Yum Yum Yummy
    PKR 200 In Stock

    It’s time to stop hunger with scrumptious & Yummy Cheese Balls by Yum Yum Yummy Food brand and give the best stoppable solution to your hunger.

    -          12 Cheese Balls

    -          Homemade & Hygiene

    -          Filled with Cheese

    -          Delicious & Scrumptious

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    Yum Yum Yummy
    PKR 120 In Stock

    Are you feeling hunger and want to eat something delicious and yummiest? We have something very special, hygienic and homemade Yum Yum Yummy Potato Rolls for you.

    -          Fresh Potato Rolls

    -          Homemade & Hygiene

    -          Delicious Taste & Spices

    -          12 Potato Rolls