Fair & Lovely – a trust-worthy, result-oriented and most seeking skincare brand around the world. It came into existence in 1973 and discovered by the Hindustan Unilever Lab as they discovered that the Vitamin B3 formula can lighten the skin color topically without harming the skin. So, they started to work on it. After the two years, day & night working on it; the very first brightening and lightening cream was launched with 100% safe ingredients. With the expedition of Fair & Lovely, the brand made the place it heart of customers and their skincare wardrobes too!

Fair & Lovely Products Pakistan

As we mentioned-above, the band offers the comprehensive Fairness Solution to men & women. The section of products offers the solutions of “Cleansing, Enhanced Fairness, Daily Treatment and Men’s Solution.”

Fair & Lovely Cleansing

The very first section of products offer the absolute ranges of skin cleansing products such as “Advanced Multivitamin Fairness Face Wash and Pimple Off Face Wash.”

Fair & Lovely Daily Treatment

Our hectic routine life didn’t gave us enough time to take care of our skin so Fair and Lovely unleashes the daily treatment including “Advanced Multivitamin Cream and Winter Fairness Cream.”

Fair & Lovely Enhanced Fairness

The daily use of makeup products can harm your skin, can become the reason of skin allergy, blemishes and pimples but not all the makeup products harm your skin. But, fair and Lovely introduces the BB Cream that gives you the glow during the day and night. The best cream that offer the makeup look to your skin, keep your skin glowing, shiny, beautiful and flawless.

Fair & Lovely Men’s Solutions

Men face more hectic day than women so, their skin demands more gentle care. Fair & Lovely reveals the comprehensive men’s skin solution because the men’s skin are rigid than women so, the brand offers the skin care and lightening products as their skin require. In Men’s Solutions, the products are “MAX Fairness Multi-Expert Cream and MAX Fairness Face Wash.”

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