Etude House is the cosmetics brand that owned by Amore Pacific. Etude believes makeup should be playful for the girls and women so; they developed the broad range of makeup products and cosmetics that enhance the beauty and appearance of females. Etude House is currently following the four basic concepts and focusing on these points such as High Quality of Products, with affordable price, lovely designs of cosmetics and the diverse color ranges.

Background of Etude House

Etude House Cosmetics brand is the South Korean brand. The name of brand indicated the Frederic Chopin's studies of Piano. The cosmetics brand came into existence in 1966, and the first name of Etude was Corporate that changed in 1985 from Corporate to Oscar Corporation. The brand touches the heights of success when the brand incorporated by Amore Pacific Group in 1990. In 1997, the name changed to Etude Corporation. The head quarter of Etude House is in Seoul, South Korea which was launched in 2005.

Etude House got fame in the minimal years as in 2007, the 100th brand store opened, and in 2009, Etude inaugurated the 200th brand outlet. Soon, Etude House acquired the satisfaction of customers by offering the best beauty and skincare products at affordable prices. 2009 proofed a very successful year for Etude House as in the same year the brand's outlets were opened in Taiwan, Singapore and Philippines. In Japan, the first retail shop was opened in 2011. Etude House has been endorsed by the beautiful and gorgeous models, and the current spokesperson and face of the brand are Krystal Jung.

Products of Etude House

Etude House has the widest range of cosmetics in its wardrobes that focus on the every age of females. The purpose of Etude Makeup brand is to make the girl's life happy and playful because life is good and they should spend their lives with beautiful and attractive faces. It has the philosophy to enjoy the makeup while playing with makeup and having fun rather than to repeat the same and boring daily routines. The products line of Etude offer the diverse range, and the featured sections of products are Eyes, Lips, Face, Nails, Skincare, Cleansing, Body, Hair, Perfumes and Makeup Tools. All these sections have further segments according to products that will elaborate below with complete product information.

- Etude House Best Products

It has the best range of products in its first section of the online store in which the best and most demanding products are showcasing. The featured products of this section are; Therapy Air Mask, Ink Fit Color Brow, Play 101 Stick Contour, Face Blur, Personal Color Cool Tone Eyes, Color Palette, Blending Pencils, Brows Gel, Water Gel Tint, Real Powder Cushion and Moistful Collagen Cream are some of them.

- Etude House New

In the new section, Etude House 2017 new products are displaying that offer eyes, lips, skin care, beauty and makeup products. The products are Dear Darling Water Gel Tint Pack, Cushion All Day Set, Oil Control Pack, Be Clear Pack, Two Tone Treatment Hair Color, Play Nail Juices, Color Fix Lip Top Coat, and Sweet Pudding Tone.

- Etude House Eyes

In Eyes section, the products regarding eyes makeup are offering. The products are Eye Shadow, Eye Mascara, Eye Liner, Eye Brows and Eye Primer. These are the further segments of Eyes section. Some comprehensive products are as followed. Ink Fit Color Brow, Drawing Slim Eye Brow, Cashmere Fit Eyes, Satin Fit Eyes, Personal Color Palettes, Tint My Brows Gel, Super Slim Proof Pencil, Eyes Cherry Blossom, Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara and Play 101 Blending Pencil.

- Etude House Lips

In Lips section, the products are categories according to segments, and the products are Lipstick, Lip Gloss, Lip Tint and Lip Care. The products are showcasing at stores and online. At the online shop, the displayed products are My Lips Talk Case, Matte Tinting Lips Talk, Water Gel Tint Pack, Lip Top Coat, Glass Tinting Lip Talk Case, Lip Rich Vivid Tint, Liquid Lips Juicy, Honey Cera Treatment Lip Oil and much more.

- Etude House Face

The section has the main products regarding face makeup, and the segments are BB, Foundation, Powder & Compact, Primer & Base, Blush and Highlighter. These segments have the products that are elaborated below. The main products are Powder Fixer, Cushion All Day Perfect, Fix & Fix Tone up Primer, Fun Park Candy Highlighter, Precious Mineral Compact, Play 101 Stick Color Contour and Face Designing Contouring Palettes. Furthermore, the products are Lucky Cheek Beam, Glow on Base Hydra & Oil, Double Lasting Foundation, Mild BB Cushion, Zero Sebum Dying Powder, Cream Blusher and Big Cover Stick Concealer.

- Etude House Nails

In this section, the products are associated with nails paints and nails' care as well. The further segments are Play Nail, Nail Color, Nail Care, Nail Tools and Remover. Ones can find out the products by clicking on these sections and the products that showcasing online are Play Nail (Glitters, Dress Room, Skull, Juice and Berry Delicious. Furthermore, the collections are Nail Stickers, Nail Kit, Nail Removers (Extra Power & Mild), Enamelting Top Gel Nail, Nail Color Softener, Nail Buffer, Cuticle Nipper Tool, Lovely Etti Nail and Cuticle Salon Care Kit.

- Etude House Skincare

If you are working lady or housewife, the harmful rays of sun and pollution can affect your skin and to protect your skin so; Etude is offering the effective skincare products. In Skincare, the products are Toner, Lotion, Essence, Cream, Eye Care, Mask Sheet, Massage, Sleeping Pack, Suncare, Special Care and Skincare Sets are available.

- Etude House Cleansing

In Cleansing section, the products are Foam Cleansing, Cleansing, Makeup Remover and Exfoliators. The featured products are Monster Micellar Cleansing Water, Soon Jung Whip Cleanser, Baking Powder Cleanser and Cleansing Wash, Oil Moisture and much more.

- Etude House BB Cream

Etude House BB Cream is the most demanding products in Pakistan. It offers the wide varieties of BB Cream with the best quality and affordable price. The varieties of cream are BB Cream Matte, BB Cream Moist, Precious BB Cover Bright and so on.

Moreover to Cosmetics products, Etude House offers the versatile range of perfumes, body cleanser, body moisturizer, Hands & feet care products, hair treatment products and makeup tools such as brush, puff, makeup tools and bottles as well.