CAMAY – the world’s leading soap brand comes up with the sensually scented soap with full of ingredients that make your skin fresh, soft and beautiful. CAMAY is the subordinate brand of P & G – Procter & Gamble which is an American Multi-national consumer good corporation; founded in 1873. The multi-national company is offering its countless services to the entire world. In Pakistan, the P & G is catering the customers before the separation of Sub-Continent. Now, it has the wide lists of brands under its name; one of them is CAMAY.

CAMAY Products Online Pakistan

CAMAY is the world-renowned soap brand that is manufacturing the beauty soap for many years. It has the wide array of soaps with natural scented, full of nice fragrance and essential for feminine. It is full of traditional touch and after using it; you will feel the traditionally scented smell. The purpose of innovating the products and growing with P&G is to cater the customers from around the world with best and high-quality products. CAMAY comes in different flavors such as CAMAY Classico Bar Soap, CAMAY Pink Classic Softly Scented Beauty Bar, CAMAY Softly Scented Natural Moisturizer, CAMAY Magical Spell Bar and CAMAY Classic Scented Moisturizing Bar.

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