Burberry is the World's leading and well-known brand which renowned by its luxury fashion products, Sunglasses, Apparels, Cosmetics and Accessories. That was the first day on 1856 when Thomas Burberry was taken an initial step and opened the first retail outlet in Basingstoke, England. This retail store is also known as Headquarter of Burberry Group Inc. It offers the products to Men, Women and Children. There are the long lists of products which you can buy from Burberry outlets or online stores such as Clothing, Bags, Scarves, Shoes, Beauty Products, Fragrances, Gifts, Ponchos & Caps, Wallets, Sunglasses, Belt, Gloves, Umbrellas and Home Accessories. It offers many products to the world of fashion but, did you know the history, from where all that started?

History of Burberry

Thomas Burberry opened the first outlet of Burberry in 1856 in Basingstoke at the age of 21 years only. At 1870, it was renowned amongst the elite of London as the best outdoor attires' store. Later on, it introduced the Gabardine Technique fabric which was proved to be the face of the tough, water-resistant and breathable material. Burberry opened another retail outlet in 1891 in the Haymarket area of London. The popularity of Burberry started in 1991 when it supplied the rugged outdoor attire to the South Pole Pioneer, Ronald Amundsen. Furthermore, it delivered the expeditionary outfits to the Antarctica Party of Ernest Shackleton.

From the 1970s to 1980s, it collaborated with the famous and topped rank textiles manufacturer to produce the ready to wear clothing to Men | Women & Kids. After the increasing demand of Online Shopping, Burberry launched online shopping service for the customers in the US in 2006 and for the rest of European Union Countries in 2007. Now, it becomes the leading fashion brand and offers Ready to Wear Fashion Outerwear, Cosmetics, Fragrances, Sunglasses and Accessories. It operates around 600 retail stores in more than 62 countries all over the world, and estimated employees are 10,800.

Burberry Products

It fulfills the need of entire world and offering the products to Men | Women and Children. These are the main three sections which further divided according to products. The featured categories in above mentioned three sections are Catwalk, New Hits, Clothing, Bags, Scarves and Scarves Accessories, Shoes, Beauty and Gifts.

Burberry Women

Burberry Women's wardrobes have the extensive list of products and accessories which start from Catwalk section. In Catwalk section, you can see the complete collection of Catwalk shows. The next section is New Hits, in this section, ones can find out the New Products, New Blusendesigns, Blue Wonders, Pocket Collection, Trench Leather and The sweatshirt differently. In Clothing, the complete products styles are; Coats, Jackets, Trench Coats, Quilts & Down Jackets, Ponchos & Caps, Clothing Designs, Knitwear, Blouses & Tops, T-Shirts & Polo Shirts, Skirts & Trousers, Jeans and Swimwear offered. In Women's Bags, the styles are DK88, Characteristic Pockets, Backpacks, Top Handles, Shoulder Bags, Clutches and Bags in check. In Scarves and Scarves section, the products are Scarves with Monogram, Cashmere Scarves, Light Scarves, Ponchos, Capes, Silk Scarves and Fur Scarves.

In Accessories' category, the featured products are Scarves & Scarves, Accessories with Monogram, Wallets, Key Chains, Teddy Bears, Travel & Technology, Belt, Gloves, Hats, Umbrellas, Sunglasses and Home Accessories. In Shoe section, the featured styles are Sports Shoes, Pumps & Sandals, Ballerinas & Flat Shoes, Boots and Rain Boots. Women's Beauty Section has the long list of products such as New Hits, The Essentials, Runway Looks, Liquid Lip Velvet, Lips, Eyes, Foundation, Highlighting and Contouring. Furthermore, it offers the BB Cream & Concealer, Powder & Rouge, Nail Polish, Cosmetic Bags, Fragrances, My Burberry, Mr. Burberry, Brit, Body, Classic, Aromatic Candles and Room Fragrances. The last category of women's section is Gift which has Selected Gift Inspiration, Gifts with Monogram, Gifts for Home and Beauty Gifts.

Burberry Men

The featured categories in Men's section resemble with women's section such as Catwalk, New Hits, Clothing, Scarves & Scarves, Accessories, Shoes, Fragrances and Gifts. In Catwalk section, the entire Apparels, Footwear and Accessories of February Show 2017 are showcased. In New Hits, the featured subsections of products and designs are New Blusen designs, Blue Wonders, Trench Leather and The sweatshirt differently. In Clothing, there are two subsections according to fashion and trend such as All Clothing Designs and All Coats & Jackets. In All Clothing Designs, the featured products are Suits, Blazers, Elegant Shirts, Casual Shirts, Knitwear, Sweatshirts, T-shirts and Polo Shirts, Trousers & Shorts, Jeans, Swimwear and Underwear.

The next section has embellished range of Scarves for Men and designs are Scarves with Monogram, Cashmere Scarves and Light Scarves. The Men's Accessories section has Accessories with Monogram, Bags, Wallets, Travel & Technology, Ties, Belt, Headgear & Gloves, Umbrellas, Sunglasses, Small Accessories and Home Accessories. Men's Footwear section has trendy and stylish shoe collection such as Sports Shoes, Legacy Designs, Elegant Designs and Boots. In Fragrances section, the products are Mr. Burberry, Brit, Classic, Aromatic Candles and Room Fragrances.

Burberry Children

Burberry reveals the complete collections of children from infant to teenager. In Baby section, the subsections of products are New Born Apparels from 0 to 24 months, Toddlers, Shoes for Babies Boys & Girls, Baby Accessories for Boys & Girls, Toddler 6 months to 3 years and Baby Shoes. The next section has Girls' clothing and shoes from 4 years to 14 years. The section has Clothing, Shoes and Accessories for Girls. The next section has clothing, shoes and accessories for 4 years to 14 years boys. In Accessories section, the section of products is Baby Shoes for Boys, Shoes for Boys, Boy Accessories, Baby Accessories for Boys, Baby Shoes for Girls, Shoes for Girls, Girls Accessories and Baby Accessories for Girls. In Gifts section, Gifts for Newborn, Girl, Boys and Gifts with a monogram for Children are available.