What Payment Modes one can use to shop Online in Pakistan?

What Payment Modes one can use to shop Online in Pakistan?

The ratio of Online Shopping is increasing day by day with the awareness and people are more indulging in Online Shopping. The reasons to involve in shopping online are the list of benefits it has along with it such as convenience, time effective, more options in selection, price comparison and 24/7 availability are some of them. But, some of us are still not started to shop online in Pakistan because of some issues such as they didn't aware of the method of payments, don't have any Debit/Credit Card facility or anything else. In this article, we will disclose the payment modes one can use to shop online in Pakistan!

Method 1- Cash on Delivery (COD)

The first method to shop online in Pakistan is the traditional way in which you go to your nearby market or shop and buy the product and pay cash on that time. The Same method is offering by different online stores in which you visit a website and order your products, and within the delivery days, you received your product. While receiving your product, you pay cash on delivery when sales person gives you, your product.

Method 2- Debit/Credit/Visa Card

The next method of payment is easier and resembles to cash on delivery. In Payment via Debit/Credit or any Visa Card, on the time of receiving the product, you just swipe your Visa Card from the machine and share some information about your account and your payment will be done. This method is easier than Cash on Delivery because sometimes you don't have cash then payment via debit/credit card is better at that time.

Method 3- Payment via Voucher

Many only shopping websites and brands are offering complimentary vouchers or voucher through cash or Visa card, and you ones buy the vouchers from shopping sites and then use then as cash and do shopping via vouchers.

Method 4- Payment via Bank Account

Online Shopping sites make online shopping easier and better than ever, and most of the credit goes to the development of the technology sector. While roaming on the internet, you like some products and order that, in this way; you have another way to pay your bills which are Payment via Bank Account. Nowadays, Banks are offering more facilities to its account holder, and you can pay directly from your online bank account to the online shopping sites' account. All the shopping websites such as Daraz.pk, Yayvo.com, Kaymu.pk, Lootlo.pk, Homeshopping.pk and all the other online shopping sites are offering payment via bank account facilities to customers, so the clients will never face problem in shopping.

Method 5- Easypaisa by Easypay

Mobile accounts are one of the best and easy ways to pay bills as in this method; you use your mobile account and pay your bills directly from your phone. Many mobile phone network companies are offering this kind of facilities to users. The top of the list network company is Telenor, and the service name is Easypaisa. Ones can operate it individually and pay its bills or go to Easypaisa shop and pay off its bill's account to the shopkeeper.

Method 6- Jazz Cash Account

Jazz/Mobilink also offers payment via account facility to its customers all you need to create your own Jazz Cash Mobile Account and pay your bills via account directly to seller's account. Jazz Cash is now official payment partners of many online shopping sites, so it is another best way to pay your bills via the mobile account.

These are some of the simple and best payment modes ones can use to shop online in Pakistan. Shopping online is easier and better with compare to traditional shopping where you go for shopping, select some products and then leave it because you didn't get at you budget or something else. Rather, in online shopping you compare products with different sites, compare price and buy the best deal on your favorite product so, think smarter and shop online without any hassle.


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