In our busy schedule no matter what job we are doing, maintaining a beautiful look it is important to enhance the beauty of your face and skin. Due to pollution and sun, most of the people lose their skin colour and their face become dull and tan. For this purpose people of every skin colour use some of the whitening creams which suit their tone for having a balanced look.

In Pakistan where the pollution rate is increasing day by day the demand of skin protection and more fairness is also emerging rapidly, for solving this problem many whitening products have been introduced so that skin not only looks naturally radiant and tan proof. These whitening products contain special formula so that skin tone could be lightened as well.

We have divided these whitening Products into the following categories:

  • Best Whitening Day Creams in Pakistan
  • Best Whitening Night Creams in Pakistan
  • Best Whitening Creams for Men

Best Whitening Day Creams in Pakistan

Following are some of the best whitening day creams and their review;

OPTIMALS Hydra Radiance Hydrating Day Cream Normal/Combination Skin by Oriflame

Optimals hydra radiance hydrating day cream by oriflamme Sweden is the best hydrating cream for providing moisture to the skin. This cream is not only for whitening purpose but it is a complete package by the oriflamme cosmetics for all types of skin. Because due to ageing skin loses its moisture and for keeping skin smooth and fresh for a long time so is very important to keep it hydrated throughout the day, due to ultraviolet rays from the sun skin not only tans but also become dehydrated and Optimals by Oriflame does that for you, It makes your skin hydrated.

  • Keep it refreshing throughout the day

  • Lightens skin tone and increase fairness

  • The most important ingredient which is used in this cream for making it unique and separating it from other whitening cream is the interesting combination of Red Algae for keeping skin hydrated

  • Brown Algae is a blend of calcium, potassium and magnesium for replenishing the skin tone.

  • It also has aqua mineral which repairs and hydrates the dehydrated skin

  • Vitamin C brings the glow and improves the skin tone.

  • Anti-pollution actives work as the repairing and securing agents as well by developing a protective skin.

  • Just apply this cream after washing your face in morning and massage till it is absorbed into the skin.  Keep in mind to avoid the contact with eyes and inside mouth.

THE ONE Express Peach Perfector (Fair)

If you want to maintain the glow on your skin throughout the day in a very economical way, then the one express peach perfector is all that you need to get that desired peachy effect with a very lightened skin tone. It is the one of the best selling product of Oriflame Sweden.

  • This product provides your skin, a peachy glow

  • Lightens skin tone

  • Easy to apply

  • Gel type tinted structure

  • Long lasting effect

  • Protection from free radicals

  • Contains vitamins C for the natural radiant skin tone.

Apply twice in the day and at evening for a better result after washing your face, it has the absorption formula which won’t let the skin have a greasy impact and outlook after application of the cream.

Optimals Even Out Preventing Day Cream

With SPF 20 this cream is considered to be the ideal hydrating agent in the daytime, this skin product is one of the most recommended product by most of the people as it provides 99% positive effect on the skin tone this product provides following advantages to your skin:

  • Natural Glow

  • Skin whitening during daylight

  • Prevents skin tan

  • Secure skin from Ultra Violet rays

  • Provide whole day radiant skin tone

  • Removes dark circle

  • Recover and repair the skin

  • Prevent skin ageing by keeping it hydrated

  • It also gives your skin an even skin tone and removes discolouration

  • Best for all skin types

  • Before leaving the home of applying any sort of makeup use this product so that you can keep your skin protected for a long time even when the makeup is on.

L'Oreal Paris Hydra Fresh Gel Crème

One of the best innovations from Loreal Paris is this Hydrafresh cream with its amazing formula and the gel structure is the best for applying at daytime, for all skin types.

  • This cream keeps your skin hydrated

  • It maintains the skin tons

  • Secures skin from suntan

  • It also provides the cooling and soothing effect throughout the day

  • It could be easily used in all type of weather conditions and climates

  • Best for moistening skin before applying makeup

  • It is a remarkable blend of minerals and vitamins which keep the skin cleansed, hydrated, moist and it not at all oily.

Apply it at day time and use it before makeup. It could also be used as a replacement of base if you want a casual and fair look.

L'Oreal Paris Innovation Revitalift

Most of the people who are in their mid-20s or mid-30s want a cream which is not effective on the skin as a fairness agent but they also want something which has all the properties of anti-ageing. Due to the dryness and the pollution skin gets damages and ultraviolet ray’s cause skin ageing, now L’Oreal Paris has invented Innovation Revitalift, which helps to protect your skin from ageing and from receiving skin tan as well. It has the anti-wrinkle formula and firming formula for development and maintenance of smooth and fresh skin.

  • It also has Pro-retinol A in combination with Elastic-flex for providing perfect radiant skin

  • You don’t have to wait for a week to see the result; its action is rapid and could be viewed by applying for the first time.

  • This cream is dermatologically tested and safe for the use without any side effects on the face, you can use it at daytime in all climatic conditions for the best results use daily.

Garnier Skin Natural Light And Radiant Fairness Day Cream

One of the best and most accessible creams include the Garnier Light and radiant crème with SPF17. The best part of this cream is that it is very economical and could be used for every skin type and every person can use this cream as a remedy of protecting skin from the sun rays and keeping the fairness mode on throughout the day.

  • This crème help you achieve the desired complexion

  • It is best for the oily skin

  • It provides the best radiant skin tone

  • It is not only good for temporary use but daily use could also show some best results

Apply the crème after washing your face with Garnier Face Wash.

Skinex England Whitening Balancing Day Cream

With SPF50 Skinex England presents the Whitening Balancing Day cream, which has no side effects due to its herbal nature this cream is not only super effective on making skin fair but this cream also provides the natural effect to the skin which is very long lasting and effective. This cream is made with the natural ingredients and it is very suitable for every skin type.

  • This cream is best for sensitive skin

  • This cream has all the herbals effect

  • It provides naturally radiant complexion

  • This is not only a fairness crème but it is also a sunblock.

  • less price and more coverage

Apply before leaving home or interaction with the sun for protecting skin from the rays and suntan. You can order this on for home delivery.

Janssen Cosmetics Fair Skin Melafadin Day Protection Cream

There are many people who want a face which is acceptable in daylight and camera lenses, for those people Janssen Cosmetics presents fair Sking Melafadin Day Protection crème which is the best of the best with its international standard and quality, this crème not only gives you a perfect skin tone but it provides the gradual improvement in the skin tone as a long lasting result.

  • SPF 20 acts as sunblock giving a tan free face throughout the day

  • Face skin becomes more glowing and radiant

  • New pigmentation flex is prevented by the tested formula in the crème

  • The essential ingredients contain lipoamino acid, diacetyl boldine, SORR and red algae extract.

  • Overall this product is a complete package for the skin at daytime and after applying the cream there is no need to use any other product on the skin.

After cleaning your face apply this on face and neck for the best results use daily before going in the sun.

Janssen Cosmeceutical Brightening Face Freshener

Most of the skin tones don’t accept the fairness crème and the people with such skin type need a skin tonic for the best type of fairness. Considering this state, Janssen Cosmetics have invented the best skin tonic for the fair and glowing skin.

  • This product is alcohol-free

  • This tonic contains mulberry tree extracts and glycerin for providing protection and making skin glow even in a cold climate this product works very effectively.

  • Applying this tonic is very easy just pour few drops over a cotton pad and tap into skin after washing your face at daytime.

Eveline White Prestige 4D Whitening

We have seen skin tonics and anti-aging creams with sunblock but have you have seen a makeup removing lotion which has all these properties in it? Eviline presents you white prestige 4D which is a lotion, whitening cream and removes makeup and gives you the best glow on face.

  • Removes makeup and give a radiant skin tone

  • Cleans from the pores and give white and glowing skin

  • This formula has no side effects and clears the dust particles from the pores providing the clean and smooth baby skin.

Apply few drops on the cotton pad and remove the makeup gently, enjoy the glowing skin after as a result.

Eveline White Prestige 4D Whitening Facial Scrub

Using a scrub when you wash your face is the best thing one can do to their face for instant fairness. Eveline bring you the whitening scrub which is the most important thing and should be added as an essential part of skin whitening process

  • The granules are active ingredients which provide the proper cleansing from the pores of the skin

  • Vitamins and minerals blend with each other to remove dead skin cells replacing them the fresh and repairing skin.

  • It moist the skin and keep it hydrated throughout the day.

  • Apply it as a face wash and massage gently so that dead skin and blackheads could be removed.

This economical product is very effective especially for those who have acne and pimples on their skin.

Eveline White Prestige 4D Eye Cream

Some of us suffer dark circles and there is no remedy we can find in regular facial crèmes but the formulas which are mild and can correct this effect certainly can’t remove it. That is the reason why those who suffer extreme dark circles around their eyes Eveline Prestige 4D eye cream is the ideal product for them.

  • Due to Hyaluronic Acid and Lumiskin™ 4D White Complexes goes under the skin for curing the dark skin and give even and white complexion.

  • This product is the specially developed for sensitive skin.

  • Regular use of this product reduces shades and puffiness around eyes.

  • Not for 24h but Intensive moisture prolong till 48h.

  • The effect of this crème is very much moist but the texture is not at all greasy with a very light formula

  • The best part is the UVA / UVB Filters which protect skin from sun rays.

  • This formula is tested by the professional and results were amazingly positive and remained till 48h

  • With regular use skin becomes lighter and more radiant!

  • This crème have 4 dimensions and act accordingly

  • Lightens complexion around the eyes,

  • Provides even tone

  • Prevents excessive pigmentation for up to 48h after application

After washing your face apply this crème, just apply is around the area near eyes and you will gradually see the result within 1 week and after one month dark circles will start getting eliminated gradually.

Best Whitening Night Creams in Pakistan

Applying a night fairness cream makes you look amazing at daytime and it is very effective for those who want to look fresh and fair as the day starts

Following are some of the best night fairness creams which provides you with a very economical and highly qualitative range.

L'oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Night Cream

One of the best night formulas by the globally recognized brand, L’oreal Paris. This formula is for those who want overnight reaction on the skin making their skin more good-looking, smooth and young as well.

  • This crème acts like a mask

  • Not only cures the ageing and the dryness but it also makes skin look more radiant in the daytime.

  • The Elasti-Flex structure leaves the skin with the smooth and glowing effect at daytime.

  • This is the first night cream with Pro-Xylane with botanical extract Centella Asiatica which helps to remove the firmness and elasticity of the skin during the night and make your skin looks refreshing, young and fairer.

Apply this creamily textured mask before going to sleep at night and see the prominent results at daytime.

Janssen Cosmetics Mixed Secrets

Janssen cosmetics, a newly developed brand of skin care and cosmetics present you a great and bright though the very effective formula for skin fairness and radiant look.

  • This cream is verified for fairness during night and effects will be seen after the first application after washing face at daytime

  • This could be used at night and still, it will give the best and fair look

  • Appealing texture and effective on every skin type

  • Not only increase the fairness but it also balances the skin tone.

Apply this cream on neck and face and leave for the night, use this cream regularly until the results are not visible.

Eveline White Extreme 3D Deep Whitening Anti-Wrinkle Night

When you need to wake up without the nightmare of wrinkles then you need to do efforts as well and all the myths about the wrinkles which say that when they come they don’t return are proved wrong by the Eveline 3D Deep Whitening Anti Wrinkle Night Cream. This cream not only makes your skin look way younger but this cream removes wrinkles and prevents them from developing again on the skin.

  • More prominent effects include the rejuvenated and fair skin is observed when you apply this cream overnight.

  • Long-lasting moisture

  • The unique formula is developed for 3D results on skin

  • The skin looks extra radiant and wrinkle free after 2 weeks of use.

  • Results are more prominent after using this cream for two months.

Apply after cleansing face and neck at night and let the formula cure the wrinkled and damaged skin. Wake up in the morning with a young and moist skin. Keep that in mind while using this cream after two months just use this twice or thrice in a week at night for sustaining the results.

Eveline White Prestige 4D Intensive Whitening Night Cream

More and more innovations take place during the research is done by the dermatologists and skin specialist. Among those innovations, another invention is the Eveline Whitening Night Cream which is specially developed for whitening skin during the night. This is very effective for the youngsters who are very concerned about the beauty and want massive improvement in their skin.

  • This cream is especially for oily and mixed skin type.

  • This cream is non greasy and the formula especially moist but dry the oily skin.

  • Provides more radiant and glow on the skin

  • The result sustains to 48h, and the best part is that this formula makes skin look fair day by day with regular use.

Apply on the skin at night after cleaning the face and neck, leave for the night and enjoy a fair and more glowing skin at day for the perfect no makeup look!

Garnier Skin Naturals Light And Radiant Night Cream

If you want a permanent solution for removing the suntan during sleep, the Garnier Skin Natural and radiant night cream does that for you, it peels away the suntan while you sleep. Wake up with fair and smooth skin.

  • It gives you smooth skin

  • Vitamin C makes skin more fair and white

  • Peels off the dead skin and suntan

  • Refresh your skin and remove the pigments which form during the day

Apply on neck and face and sleep, watch your skin glow whole and enjoy more and fairer skin each passing day.

Skinex England Whitening Radiance Night Cream

There are many people who don’t want to take the risk when it is about their skin. They want very natural and herbal remedy for their dark skin. So Skinex provides exactly what you need. A night cream with 100% natural ingredients.

  • Non-alcoholic

  • Natural ingredients

  • Provides radiant skin with Vitamin C

  • Filled with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals

  • Tested by professional dermatologists

  • Doesn’t make skin appear oily.

Apply at night after washing your face and neck, remove at the day through face wash and enjoy naturally glowing face and skin.

Whitening Creams For Men - Foam

Not only females but I think men suffer skin tan and skin problems more than females do. So here are some of the best whitening creams for men-foams which can help them repair their skin from the damage.


For oily skin due to dust and pollution fair skin gets damaged and then suntan happens, which leaves damaging skin, making it more dark and oily. L’Oreal Paris has introduced the oil control foam for men, the best solution for the oily and dark skin.

- This facial foam provides dry and moist skin just after the first wash


- Use this formula twice a day and results are amazing

Use suns block cream by L’Oreal after washing your face with this whitening foam for the best results.

L'Oreal Paris Men Expert White Active Face Wash

The major reason for the dark skin is the suntan and the dead cells which are ignored by the men in their busy schedule, L’Oreal Paris Men Expert White Active face wash is the best skin whitening product which not only removes the dead cells but gives a glow to the skin by retrieving the original and fairer natural skin care.

- The pro-exfoliating formula for removal of dead and dark skin cells


- Use the peeling agents for retrieving natural skin


- It not only removes the dead skin but also cleanses the face deeply and thoroughly.

Apply twice a day especially after the exposure with the sun for the best results.

Best Skin Whitening Creams Brand in Pakistan

There are plenty of beauty and cosmetics brands in Pakistan that offers the face and skin whitening creams such as L'Oreal Paris, Ponds, Nivea, Olay, Garnier, Golden Pearl, Saeed Ghani, Himalaya, Skin Care, Fair & Lovely, Blesso, Lakme, Revlon, Clean & Clear and so on. All these skin whitening cream companies are best to give perfect result and at, all these brands' face whitening creams 2017 are available.

Top Skin Whitening Creams 2018 in Pakistan

Every girl has a dream to look more beautiful and has the good appearance at every day and every time. To fulfill this dream, girls use different skin and face whitening creams to get best effective result but all in vain. If you are looking for best skin whitening creams 2017 in Pakistan, then you are at right place, and we will disclose different and best skin whitening creams. The top effective skin whitening creams 2017 in Pakistan are as followed:

- Eveline White Prestige 4D Whitening Cream

- L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Total 10 Whitening Day Cream SPF30

- Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Day Cream

- Olay Natural White Day Cream

- Nivea Visage Sparkling Glow Fairness Cream

- Clean & Clear Fairness Cream

- Pond's White Beauty Day Cream SPF15

- Pond's Flawless White Visible Lightening Daily Cream

- Garnier Light Overnight Whitening Peeling Cream

- Revlon Touch & Glow Advanced Fairness Cream

- Oriflame Essential Fairness 5-in-1 Face Cream


For our daily hygiene skin care is the most important thing, pollutant and the dust particles make all skin types darker and create a quick ageing effect as well, for this we need to take care of our skin on a regular basis. These products mentioned above will provide you with the proper skin care treatment and this will not only help to rejuvenate the skin but for the young people, these products are the best for protecting skin from ageing and ultraviolet rays. You can buy all these products with special discounts, perfect delivery and sustained quality assurance on Shopo. Pk so book your favourite product now!