AQUAFRESH – is a brand that came into existence in 1973 by SmithKline Beecham that originally developed the Aquafresh Toothpaste. The brand is serving the nation for over 40 years by its exceptional services and products that cater the requirements of clients. At that time, it was the first toothpaste that came up with oral hygiene care in the market. The first stripped toothpaste with two key benefits; it offers the fresh breathe and fight against tooth decay.

Aquafresh Products Online Pakistan

The brand has the wide array of products and services that are giving to national and international market. Aquafresh Products’ section is divided into different sections such as “Products, Oral Care and Kids.” In products’ section, there are different subcategories of products according to need and demand by the customers such as “Extreme Clean, Everyday and Kids.”

The subcategory offers “Extreme Clean” that makes your teeth clean, fresh and protects from fluoride and kills the germs that harm your teeth. Moreover, there are different types of teeth care products such as Aquafresh Whitening Toothpaste, Pure Breathe Action, Deep Action, Aqua Fresh Cavity Protection, Extra Fresh + Whitening, Ultimate White, Sensitive Max Strength and Multi-Action. Aqua Fresh Kids section offers 0-2 Training Toothpaste Free and 2+ Bubble Mint Paste.

In short, Aqua Fresh cater your family from kids to adult with the comprehensive care of teeth and fight against the different signs of teeth problems.

Aquafresh Oral Care

In Oral Care section, the featured solutions of your problems are “Cavities, Bad Breath and Dental Hygiene.” Aqua Fresh Oral Care Toothpaste protect your teeth from these problems and make your teeth; white, clean, refresh and beautiful.

Above-mentioned is the compact range by Aquafresh and the entire range is showcasing at, an online shopping store. To get the best care of your teeth; log in to the online shop and then Aquafresh category and add to cart your desired products then shop now and get delivery your products at your doorstep. Shop Hassle Free from your home with!